Interested in a personal herbal consultation?

The first consultation with a new client begins with an intake session. This usually last 1.5 hours and entails filling out an intake form and then answering questions about general health, family hereditary health, emotional health, diet, and lifestyle. Once a general picture of client health has been established, we move into more detailed conversation of the concern at hand. If the client is seeking a Flower Essence formula, we may spend more time talking about emotional and psychological health. After the initial appointment, we will schedule a follow up appointment within 1-2 weeks where the client will be given a wellness protocol, and any medicine suggested.

If pertinent, during the follow up session, we will also review lifestyle and nutritional advice, work deeper in emotional wellness, or answer questions. These appointments are usually shorter, ranging from .5-1 hours in length. After this another appointment will be scheduled for 2-4 weeks hence. At each additional appointment, we review how the wellness protocol and medicine is working, and make any needed changes to the protocol. Depending on the health concern, the length of illness, the clients compliance with wellness protocol and any number of other factors, treatment can take from 6 weeks to many years.

Medicine may be given in teas, alcohol or non-alcohol tinctures, honeys and syrups, salves, oils or creams, recipes for meals that include healing herbs and foods, or supplements.

  • The price of the intake appointment is $120*. (This amount reflects time for research, write up of clients file and medicine dispensing.)
  • Follow up appointments are $60*

*this does not include the price of medicine.

Please speak to me if you wish to access my services but are unable to pay the full amount. It is important to me that all people have access to holistic health care regardless of their incomes.


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