Herbal Tincture Making Workshop

Herbal Tincture Making Workshop

A tincture is a concentrated liquid extract made from plants. Chemically speaking, tinctures are solutions that use alcohol and water as solvents, where the alcohol extracts active nutrients to form a concentrated liquid and the medicine is preserved for longer use. When taken orally, tinctures may relieve a wide range of health issues, or be used proactively to support specific elements of wellbeing.

In each session of Making Herbal Tinctures, Clinical Herbalist Philippa Joly will lead a group in harvesting local plants, processing them to create tinctures and discovering their medicinal benefits. All materials and supplies are included in the cost of registration. Each participant will get to take home 100mL of herbal medicine.

Join us in the cozy, welcoming atmosphere of Raven’s Moon Craft Cidery for this hands-on herbal experience. Seats are limited, so don’t wait to register.

Facilitator Philippa Joly is a Registered Clinical/Community Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. She is a Natural Health Practitioner, Bach Flower Consultant and Naturalist. Philippa holds a wealth of knowledge about holistic nutrition and wellness.

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