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See What People Are Saying

You have such a deep understanding of human health and your medicines.  I hope other people discover your practice, and how much knowledge and care you have.

Denman Island

What is lovely about Philippa is her genuine thoughtfulness towards peoples’ well-being. After a time you come to realize her thoughtfulness is wisdom, plain and simple.You have skill in fostering light when people are hurt and need strength. Thank you Philippa.

Joe Redwood

Herbal tincture and tea formulas have helped greatly with my bladder infection. I really appreciated your professionalism toward your craft and being able to ask the right questions…

Comox Valley

Thank you so very much for your guidance. Words simply fail me. I put the herbs on his dinner last night and this morning, for the first morning since April, he is NOT scratching. I am so utterly relieved- you have no idea. Thank you so very much for your friendly, good spirited guidance and knowledge. I’m ver appreciative.

Ann and her dog Gretzky